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Swaziland is a small landlocked country located in southern Africa and is slightly smaller than New Jersey. It is bordered by South Africa and Mozambique. The main industry is agriculture.

An estimated 66% of the population lives below the poverty line (less than $1 a day). A lack of foreign direct investment, high unemployment (~60%) and disproportionate division of wealth has led to poverty and slow or negative economic growth.

HIV and AIDS also plague the community. Swaziland has the highest HIV infection rate in the world. 26% of all adults officially, but believed to be over 40%. 38.8% of pregnant women who are tested for HIV/AIDS are positive.


There are an estimated 70,000 orphaned children in Swaziland today.

Swaziland has the world’s lowest life expectancy at 32 years. (That is 6 years younger than the next lowest average in Angola, 38.) 47% of all deaths under 5 years of age are caused by HIV/AIDS.


For more information about Swaziland, take a look at some of the reports created by our student volunteers, on:


Manzini Youth Care

Manzini Youth Care is an organization that has provided accommodation, support, care, and education for marginalized and homeless young people at risk through poverty for more than 30 years. MYC was founded in 1978 as a community service project in response to the growing numbers of street children in Swaziland.

They currently run 6 residential homes.

Newsletters and annual reports on McCorkindale Orphanage and the Manzini Youth Care Boys is in and can be found here:


For further reading, please visit the Manzini Youth Care website or their Facebook page.

McCorkindale’s Orphanage

McCorkindale’s Orphanage and Farm is one of six residential homes run by Manzini Youth Care.
McCorkindale’s differs from the other 5 homes in that the children there are not street children.
The children were orphaned when they were little and have been raised in the residential home.

McCorkindale’s is beautifully situated admist a rural setting surrounded by fertile land; wheras MYC’s other home are located in suburbs of Manzini.

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Story of how Mccorkindales orphanage began

Visit to current day Mc Corkinadales

MYC Beneficiary

Enjabulweni Briding school

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Swazi Legacy, Inc. is a New York State non-for-profit corporation and a recognized 501(c)(3) tax – empt charity organization dedicated to assisting in the support, care and education of marginalized and homeless young people at risk through poverty in Swaziland.