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Despite its small population size, Swaziland has the highest HIV prevalence in the world and has been greatly affected by the epidemic.

Over the last decade, Swaziland has made great efforts to turn around its epidemic with improved access to HIV testing services and the provision of free antiretroviral treatment to those who need it.

Swaziland has a dual epidemic of TB and HIV and the country has responded with successful dual test and treatment programs. 

High levels of HIV stigma and discrimination in Swaziland remains a major barrier to people accessing HIV prevention services


Manzini Youth Care

Manzini Youth Care is an organization that has provided accommodation, support, care, and education for marginalized and homeless young people at risk through poverty for more than 30 years. MYC was founded in 1978 as a community service project in response to the growing numbers of street children in Swaziland.

They currently run 6 residential homes.

Newsletters and annual reports prepared by Manzini Youth Care are found here.
(Please note that these reports are neither prepared or audited by Swazi Legacy.)


For further reading, please visit the Manzini Youth Care website HERE or their Facebook page.

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