swaziland-OURSTORY-08The Story of Father Pat

Father Pat Ahern was a priest who helped the less fortunate children in Swaziland, and is the inspiration for Swazi Legacy. He was born on November 10, 1930, and was one of ten children. He was ordained in July of 1960, and went on a mission to Swaziland in 1962. Once he visited Swaziland, he felt a connection to the children there. From that time on, he never left except to visit his friends and family in Ireland, and to raise funds for the education of the children of Swaziland, who held a special place in his heart. Father Pat continued his work until his death on January 23, 2009. He is buried in his second home, Swaziland.


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Continuing the legacy

swaziland-OURSTORY-09When Father Pat passed away, members of his family traveled to Swaziland for his burial. It was during this visit that they realized the full impact of his life-long work and how important it was to the people there. The children of Swaziland depended on him so much that they could not turn their backs on his mission, and they became inspired to continue his important work.

Swazi Legacy aims to raise funds to continue Father Pat’s legacy in Swaziland. A bursery has been set up in the name of Swazi Legacy and Father Pat to house and educate the children of McCorkindale’s Orphanage and Farm.

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Contact Information

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You can contact Swazi Legacy at the following mailing address:

Swazi Legacy, Inc.
P.O. Box 905
Yonkers, NY 10704

You can also contact us through email at: info@swazilegacy.com

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Board of Directors

Our directors work on a volunteer basis. They do not receive compensation, nor do we pay fees for fundraising efforts.
The following people comprise our board of directors:

Jean Kenny-22

Jean Kenny(President)
Niece of Fr. Pat Ahern
Teacher, Eastchester High School

Brendan Ahern (Director)
Nephew of Fr. Pat Ahern
Owner and President, DGC Capital Contracting

Christina Ahern (Director)

Dan Ahern (Director)
Nephew of Fr. Pat Ahern
Owner and President, StructureCraft

Mike Heffernan (Treasurer)
Project Manager
DGC Capital Contracting

Cora Creed (Secretary)
Vice President, Universal Music Group

Jack Hughes (Counsel)

Liz Ahern- Director

Kathleen Huvane -Director

Steve Huvane- Director

Eibhlish Dinneen- Director

Carmel Ahern- Director 



We would also like to thank our volunteers, who donate both their time and their time and their energy to help make a difference in the lives of the people of Swaziland.

Liz Ahern

Eibhlish Dinneen

Carmel Mulvihill

Suzi Wilson


Steven Huvane

Maureen Pieretti

George Pieretti

Maureen Driscoll

Maureen McFadden

Kaitlin Huvane

Kathleen Huvane

Tony Rippy

+Student Volunteers

In addition we would like to acknowledge the contributions of students currently involved with our organization:

Conor Ahern

Danny Ahern

Erin Ahern

Kiera Ahern

Timmy Ahern

Dakota Browne

Alex Corscadden

Ben Corscadden

Devin Farrell

Kyle Farrell

Collette Foley

Lauren Gianmarella

Anna Hughes

Olivia Hughes

Sharda Kanappa

Jack Kenny

Kieran Kenny

Ekin Kiyici

Clara Lesch

Aine O’Neill

Cara Pieretti

Kelly Ryan

Brian Wilson

+past volunteers

We would like to acknowledge our past volunteers who donated their time to help in the mission of Swazi Legacy:

Megan Ahern

Hannah Baalbaki

Angela Bujaj

Gabe Cohen

Brendan Flaherty

Llana Morris

Jen Cimons

Jonah Kachur

Philippe Kimura-Thollander

Andrew Walsh

Allanah Connolly

Jack Flannery

Carina Martusevici

Kevin Winnie

Nick Parisi

Kate Deegan

Kennedy Farleigh



The Swazi Legacy Logo was designed by Nick Parisi when he was a senior at Eastchester High School. When he wad designing the logo, he tried to encapsulate our mission statement in a very creative way. The global image highlights the inequities that exist in our world today. The large golden foot illuminating Africa represents the steps taken from year to year by the students at Eastchester high School and members of Swazi Legacy to brighten the future of the children in Swaziland.

.Swazi Legacy, Inc. P.O. Box 905 Yonkers, NY 10704 | info@swazilegacy.org 

Swazi Legacy, Inc. is a New York State non-for-profit corporation and a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity organization dedicated to assisting in the support, care and education of marginalized and homeless young people at risk through poverty in Swaziland.